Mattias hails from across the Atlantic, and joins Family Groove Company all the way from Helsinborg, Sweden. His early playing experience includes time spent with the famed Helsinborg Marimba Band, a group that brought him to all corners of Europe, and his familiarity with the marimba has no doubt contributed to the particularly musical drumming he brings to FGC. He later became part of the Swedish Army Drum Corps, where his talents were quickly acknowledged with an appointment to the position of Music Director, but Mattias sought the opportunity that the U.S. had to offer. He moved to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute, and he quickly became one of the busiest drummers in the school. Mattias had his pick of projects, but he felt something special when he met Adam, Janis, and Jordan, and found a second home in the rehearsal room with his new partners. When it became clear that Chicago was to be FGC's new home, Mattias was on board without hesitating, eager to take in another one of this country's great cities, and determined to keep FGC groovin' along, and in the right tempo.


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