Janis Wallin is FGC's bassist who breathes life and excitement into her playing while laying down a rock solid foundation that her bandmates just love to ride. Nicknamed "The Mistress of Groove" by world renowned bassist, Victor Wooten, Janis has been holding down the low end for well over 1000 live shows in 36 states spanning her 14-year professional career. Whether thundering her way through high energy rock tunes, or holding down an odd-time fusion groove, the response from musicians and fans alike is always the same: "This girl has a deep pocket, and her playing just feels good."

Janis got her start in music at the age of 5 with a decade's worth of classical piano training before switching to electric guitar and finally finding her calling in the electric bass. After earning her bachelor's degree at Franklin & Marshall College in Pennsylvania and conquering the local music scene as bassist for 5 different bands of all styles, she set her sights on greater things with a move to Los Angeles to attend Musicians Institute in 1999. She quickly rose to the top of her class at MI, receiving the prestigious "Outstanding Bass Player of the Year" award in 2000, and moved on to become an instructor at the school after graduating with honors in 2001.

Los Angeles provided Janis with invaluable education and experience performing with various bands in rock, jazz, and even punk genres, but in 2002, she decided to commit her energy full time to Family Groove Company (FGC). FGC relocated to Chicago in the fall of 2002 and began a slow but steady climb to the ranks of a DIY powerhouse, independently releasing four full-length albums and logging almost 800 shows nationwide from Colorado to Georgia to Vermont.

Janis' success with FGC eventually gained her recognition from famous bass players like Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey, as well as offers to lend her bass talents to several other projects. In particular, Janis was scooped up by the Steve Kimock Crazy Engine in 2009 for a national tour featuring Steve Kimock on guitar (Bruce Hornsby, Grateful Dead side projects) and Melvin Seals on keyboards (Jerry Garcia Band), and Janis more than held her own with these heavyweights almost twice her age.

Janis' gear: Janis plays a 1994 Musicman Stingray 4-string that she loves more than any material thing she has ever owned. Janis and her bass were united back in December 1998 when she ran slow-motion towards it in a field, and since then it has not been touched or played by anyone else under penalty of death. She plays through an Ampeg SVT-4 Pro head and an Ampeg BSE410-HLF cabinet. She uses whatever strings are on sale, but can proclaim brand loyalty with the snap of a finger (endorsements, anyone??).


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