Jordan's musical education began with private lessons in his hometown of Chicago, and continued with a degree in music from Tulane University and the University of Iowa. He then moved to Los Angeles with Adam, his longtime partner in music, to study at the Musicians Institute. It was while in LA that the focus of Jordan's academic interest in music narrowed in on jazz studies, though he also began to spend a great deal of time studying vocal arranging and voice technique. By the time he met Janis and Mattias, Jordan was spending more time at MI as a teacher than a student, but soon devoted every free moment to playing with Adam and his newfound partners. Jordan was thrilled to return to his hometown of Chicago to continue playing with Family Groove Company full time, and, as far as he's concerned, each year since has been better than the one that came before it.

Photo by Norman Sands
Jordan's gear: Jordan plays a 1978 Rhodes suitcase, and when space and our backs permit, he plays a sweet Hammond B3 and Leslie 122. He otherwise plays a space-conscious and feather light Voce V5 organ module with a Doepfer D3M controller. Both the Rhodes and the V5 go through a DBX Dual 15-Band EQ, and Lexicon MX200 reverb unit. The Rhodes then goes through the suitcase amp, and the V5 runs through a custom Speakeasy Vintage Music Road Box II (essentially a Leslie 142, but better!).


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