Adam began his career as a professional musician deep within the University of Iowa's music scene. At some point, something clicked, and he just knew that he intended to spend the rest of his life playing music. He was certain that he had found one comrade in arms in his longtime collaborator, Jordan, but his eagerness to continue his education and meet more likeminded musicians drew his focus westward; LA was calling, and Adam is not one to back down to a challenge. Along with Jordan, Adam enrolled in the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA, and was soon surrounded by the musical inspiration he had been looking for. His studies took him deeply into all styles of music, particularly funk and jazz. Aside from his scholastic pursuits, however, Adam immersed himself in the LA music scene both as a musician and a guitar tech for some of the scene's most elite players. After meeting Janis and Mattias, Adam finally found the outlet for the musical inspiration that had been busting out of his seams. Though he no doubt misses LA's balmy weather, Adam was very happy to bring FGC back to his hometown of Chicago, and it's clear that he's been able to bring a bit of the greatness he surrounded himself with in LA back with him.

Photo by Norman Sands
Adam's gear: Adam plays a Gretsch Countryman 6122-JR hollowbody, which he runs through an Ampeg Reverberocket (with all the knobs turned up to 11). Adam also uses a homemade pedalboard with the following pedals, all of which at one point have either failed to work or have spontaenously combusted: Crybaby 535Q Wah-wah Pedal, Boss CE-2 Compressor, Boss DM-3 Analog Delay, Boss TU-2 Tuner, Ernie Ball VP Junior, and a couple screamers. (Note: Use of Adam's pedalboard is prohibited in 5 states.) Adam uses D'Addario 12-52 strings with a plain third (because his mom told him to).


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