December 17, 2002: Family Groove Company announces first confirmed dates for Winter Tour 2003!
The first handful of dates for FGC's next tour have been posted on the gigs page. So far this ambitious tour will be taking the band to three new cities, and there are still quite a few pending dates that have yet to be confirmed. Be sure to check the website frequently for additional shows and other updates, or sign up on the mailing list to receive updates in your email box. The band is looking forward to starting off 2003 with a bang, and we hope you'll all be a part of it! See ya at the shows!


December 2, 2002

Winter Tour 2003 dates to be announced shortly…
The band has been working away at booking our first tour of the new year. It's shaping up to be an exciting one, taking us to more than a few new cities and venues. Details to follow…

In other news…
FGC is gearing up for what will likely be its last Chicago gig of the year, two sets Thursday, December 5th at the Underground Lounge. Unless you're one of our road warriors, this may be your last opportunity to get your FGC fix till next January. See ya there!


November 30, 2002: FGC fans give big for Thanksgiving charity drive!
Family Groove Company's first (dare we say annual?) Thanksgiving charity performance was a tremendous success. FGC performed on consecutive nights over Thanksgiving weekend at the Wooden Nickel in Highwood, IL, where two huge, enthusiastic crowds made for two of our most rewarding performances to date. Thanks to Jordan Nadler who hooked us up with Steve (a great sound man) for both nights.

Best of all, FGC is thrilled to announce that we raised over $650 for the Greater Chicagoland Food Depository. We would like to thank our very generous fans for doing their part, and in particular Howard, of the legendary Wooden Nickel, for his extremely generous contribution on behalf of the bar.


November 27, 2002

Family Groove Company hits the airwaves!
As promised, your friendly neighborhood band has recently made its debut television appearance. A camera crew from the AT&T Broadband network program "Hometown Edition" was on hand at a recent show at the Cubby Bear in Chicago to grab some live footage of the band, and then followed us to our rehearsal space for some interviews and a behind the scenes look at FGC. The program will be on the air through the second week of December, and will be broadcast throughout the Greater Chicagoland area. Click here for channel and scheduling info.

Don't receive AT&T Broadband cable? Live outside the viewing area? No need to worry! Click here to stream the video of our segment on the AT&T Broadband network website. We are also currently working on making the streaming video available here on FGC's official site…we'll keep you posted.

Huge thanks go out to Greg and Jennifer Harshbarger for making all of this happen.


November 8, 2002

Family Groove Company to Perform at the GREENAROOM MUSIC FESTIVAL!
FGC has just confirmed an appearance at the Greenaroom Music Festival, to be held on December 7, at the Green Room in Iowa City. There will be bands, food, and other vendors all day, beginning at noon. Band time slots have not yet been announced, so stay tuned. This is shaping up to be a whole lotta fun – be sure to keep checking the news page and our gigs page for up to date info.


November 4, 2002

Greater Chicago Food Depository to Benefit from Family Groove Company's Thanksgiving Charity Drive.
All proceeds collected at FGC's Thanksgiving Night performance at The Wooden Nickel will be donated to this fine organization. The hard working folks at the Chicago Food Depository do a tremendous job, and will eagerly point out that a donation of just one dollar can provide four meals for a hungry family. There will be no formal cover charge for the evening, FGC just asks that you all get into the giving spirit, and contribute what you can. Click here for more information about the work of the Greater Chicago Food Depository.

In other news…please note that FGC's Underground Lounge show, originally scheduled for November 23rd, has been moved to December 5th.

See you all at the shows!


October 31, 2002

Family Groove Company to team up with Roadworks Productions!

This Sunday night, November 3, FGC will have the pleasure of being a part of Roadworks Productions' opening night performance of "sis3ters". The play, an intriguing adaptation of Chekhov's masterpiece,"The Three Sisters", will begin at 7:00, and will be followed by a very special FGC set. Discounted tickets are available online here, or by phone at (866) 468-3401. Use the promo code, "familygroove" to receive the discount. Family Groove Company is very grateful to have been asked to participate in this special event (thanks Jason), and looks forward to a long, rewarding relationship with Roadworks Productions. Check out our Gigs page for more info.

October 29, 2002

Show cancellations and changes.
To those of you keeping a close eye on our show schedule (and we know you all are!), there have been a few changes to the lineup. Our November 1st show at the Note has been changed to Sunday, November 17th. Additionally, our Underground Lounge gig on November 23rd is being changed (date TBA). The confirmed date will be available on the website within the next couple days. If you want to get on our email list to be informed of show additions and changes, click here.


October 25, 2002

Family Groove Company to play Thanksgiving show for charity!
FGC has just confirmed two very special Thanksgiving performances at the Wooden Nickel in Highwood, IL on Thursday, Nov. 28th and Friday, Nov. 29th. All proceeds collected for the Thanksgiving day's performance will be donated to charity - details regarding the organization that will benefit from the donations will be made available shortly. These will be two shows you do not want to miss!


October 21, 2002

Family Groove Company to be featured on the AT&T Broadband Network television program, Hometown Edition. A camera crew for the program will be on hand to film FGC at their upcoming performance at the Cubby Bear. Soon thereafter, they will be joining FGC at their rehearsal studio to conduct interviews and to record some behind-the-scenes footage. We'll keep you posted about when the episode will be aired, but in the meantime, everybody should be sure to come down to the Cubby Bear this Thursday to show their support, and maybe even get a little television exposure! Should be a lot of fun!


October 13, 2002

Greetings! Here is the first contribution to our news page written by your humble keyboardist. A lot has happened since our last update – here's a quick rundown…

October 5th marked our first gig since our exodus from fabulous Hollywood. FGC performed to a good sized crowd at the Uptowner in Charleston, IL – many thanks to Jimmy and the owner of the club (can't remember his name, but he was a real nice guy) for their hospitality. The band played well (particularly so, given the two month hiatus that preceded the gig), and we were all thrilled to be out performing again. The next day we moved on to the University of Illinois for a show at the Iron Post – another great time, two more fun sets, and another appreciative club owner. Thanks for your generosity Paul!

These two gigs downstate served as great warm-ups for our first Chicago show – October 8th at the Elbo Room. We had a great draw (the talent buyer was muy impressed), and the band was thrilled to see so many faces, both new and familiar, in the crowd. Big thanks to all the Chicago folks for coming out! Gerch, Barack, Gola, Riss – great to see you guys! It was great seeing all the M&J folks there too! The set was a short one, but the band grew accustomed to the 40 minute whirlwind set during our tenure in Los Angeles, and handled it well…with aplomb, if you will.

Two days later we were in Iowa City for a gig at the Green Room on the 10th - talk about your déjà vu all over again. The Green Room was the last place that Adam and I played (almost four years ago) before leaving for Los Angeles. The owner still remembered us from the good old days, and it was a blast (though pretty weird) to be back in Iowa City again. Many thanks to all the folks that came out (particularly to Colin and Gravey for the splendid accommodations), and thanks to Swivel Hips Smith for playing a spectacular set after us – and for letting yours truly sit in for a little while. FGC still loves playing Iowa City and we look forward to returning soon. Oh, by the way, all the Iowa City people should go in to Mondo's on Clinton and ask to hear our new album – we were treated to a surprise playing during lunch…sounded pretty good!

Click here to see pics from the Elbo Room and Green Room shows.

Check out the gigs page for details on some exciting shows coming up, including debut performances at The Cubby Bear and The Note.

Also, we have received some great press! Check out our reviews page for a couple new articles, including an interview with the band and a fantastic review of Reachin'.

Family Groove Company on TV? Looks like it may happen. Stay tuned and we'll keep you informed as the details develop.


September 23, 2002

The gigs are rolling in and so is the feedback! Check out our reviews page for a great new review from Or, see the review at the magazine's website by clicking here.


September 16, 2002

FGC is back in business! Mattias has finally returned from Sweden, we've got some new songs brewing, and most importantly, there are a bunch of new gigs on the schedule. We're getting prepared to conquer the Midwest, and if you'd like to help spread the word, please email us. Don't forget to join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming gigs and news.


August 29, 2002

The first gig is on the books! Our debut Chicago appearance will be Tuesday October 8th at 9:00pm at the Elbo Room. Gig details will be available on our gigs page and through our mailing list. We need tons of support for this first show, so please come out and join us. If you want to help promote the show by passing out flyers or hanging posters, we will give you a free admission to the show and a copy of our new CD Reachin'! For details, please send us an email at

August 16, 2002

Chicago has been treating us pretty well so far. We're still awaiting Mattias' return from Sweden, but in the meantime we've been enjoying some Cubs games, great live jazz, and all-around relaxation.

In other news, there has been a coup d'etat with our website, with Janis seizing all control from Jason Sikora after a brutal light-saber duel. You can find her latest additions on the lyrics page as well as in other nooks and crannies of the website. Of course, huge props to Jason for a great start on the sensory experience that is

Please stay tuned for Midwest area gigs and check our website frequently for updates. Don't forget, you can purchase our new CD Reachin' right here!


August 1, 2002

We made it to Chicago with only slight problems (Adam's warning to all: Keep your eye on the temperature gauge at all times, especially when chugging through the mountains of Colorado).

We are currently setting up some gigs for the fall and anxiously awaiting Mattias' return from Sweden.

Check out our reviews page for the first responses to Reachin'!

For a little behind-the-scenes information about the making of our album, click here.


July 20, 2002

Thanks to everyone who came out to our CD Release and Going Away party on July 14th. We had a fantastic time and appreciate all of our Los Angeles friends and support. Click here for some pictures from the party!

If you haven't yet gotten your copy of Reachin' , you can purchase it right here on our website at the merch page. If you already have it, send any feedback to and we'll post it on our reviews page.

We are currently packing up and getting ready to move to Chicago. We'll be playing regular gigs in the midwest starting in September, so please check the gigs page soon for updates, or send a request to be added to the mailing list.

Our website is being updated daily, so be sure to check out the new stuff we're adding. Visit the miscellaneous page for lots of interesting tidbits about FGC, including our gear, favorite links, and more. Stay tuned for more updates when we arrive and get settled in Chicago.















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