June 2005

June 2005 Northeast Tour
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August 2005

7/22/05 Barley's Taproom, Knoxville, TN
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Photos by Elliott Easterly

September 2005

8/12/05 Arabian Knights Farm, Willowbrook, IL

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FGC played a birthday party at Arabian Knights Farm, a very interesting venue with lots of eclectic and dreadfully tacky furnishings.

October 2005

The Funny Faces of FGC, 2002-05
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The camera catches wacky FGC faces,
both on stage and off.


December 2005

FGC Halloween 2003-05
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For the past three Halloweens, FGC has paid tribute to a classic movie by dressing up as characters from the film and playing tunes from the soundtrack. Check out a collection of photos from three years' worth of FGC Halloweens!

January 2006

Summer Camp Festival 5/28/05
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Photos by L. Basgall



February 2006

Photos by Scott Preston
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One of FGC's favorite parts about playing in the Cincinnati area is having photographer Scott Preston hang out with us and snap some photos. Check out these shots from Stanley's Pub and the Southgate House, and visit Scott's website at cariboustudios.com for more kick-ass photography!

April 2006

Photos by Linsday Basgall
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This photo album features the photography of Lindsay Basgall, FGC's unoffically official Chicago-area photographer and good friend. Check out some snapshots from The Double Door, Griffin's, and The Heartland Cafe by clicking above, and view Lindsay's most recent work inside FGC's new studio CD, The Charmer. Many thanks to Lindsay for the great photos and all her help!


June 2006

Photos by Norman Sands
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We had the pleasure of meeting up with prominent Midwest scene photographer Norman Sands at our recent Summer Camp Festival and Park West shows. This guy snaps a mean photo! Check out tons more of Norman's concert photography at his website.

September 2006

FGC @ 10,000 Lakes Festival 2006
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Check out FGC performing and hanging out at the 10,000 Lakes Festival in Minnesota.


November 2006
Old School FGC
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This featured photo album takes us back to 2001, when the members of FGC first started playing together at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. See FGC in their formative years on the West Coast!

February 2007

Winter Dig It - 12/27/06 Clearwater Theater
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FGC's first annual Winter Dig It was a huge success!
Many thanks to Norman Sands for the awesome photos!


June 2007

FGC @ Summer Camp Festival 2007
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FGC gets down at Summer Camp Festival with an afternoon set and a legendary late-night set. Thanks to Norman Sands (as usual) for the great photos!

September 2007

FGC @ 10,000 Lakes Festival 2007
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Photos by Norman Sands and Itamar Gat.


January 2008

New Year's Eve '07 at The Redstone Room
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Photos by Norman Sands

June 2008

4/10/08 House of Blues Chicago
with Victor Wooten
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Photos by Norman Sands


January 2009

12/31/08 Redstone Room
Davenport, IA
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Photos by Norman Sands


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