Family Groove Company wouldn't be where we are today without the grassroots promotions of our street team. These guys and gals in all corners of the country help spread the word about FGC by passing out CDs to their friends and at shows, hanging up posters and distributing flyers when FGC comes to their town, and getting the word out on the internet. We're always looking to add new members to the team, and we welcome any help that you can offer. Perks include free CDs and other goodies, free admission to FGC shows, and lifetime gratitude from us.

There are many ways you can help without even leaving your chair, or jump right to the street team form at the bottom to send your info to us.

Check out the Family Groove Caravan website for exclusive street team info!



A few easy-click ways to help FGC gain exposure on the web. Every little click helps!

JAMBANDS.COM: Vote for FGC in the polls. Just a couple clicks of the mouse! (You can vote a few times per day).

JAMBASE.COM: If you're a member, add FGC to your "Favorites" and help us build numbers in our "Fans" section. Click here to add FGC!

I-TUNES: Help FGC's I-Tunes sales by posting a positive review of our album, The Charmer. You can also give these I-Mixes a 5-star rating (I-Mix #1, I-Mix #2), or create your own I-Mix using FGC's tunes and other songs of your choice. I-Mixes help our exposure and sales - for more details on how to use I-Mixes, please send us an email.

MYSPACE: If you aren't already our friend, please add us and put us in your top friends!

ARCHIVE.ORG: Post a positive comment/review to one of FGC's downloadable shows on



Summer festivals are some of the best ways for FGC to get their music out to a large number of people. Help us by contacting your favorite festival and asking them to book FGC. Festival promoters do listen to what the fans want!

10,000 LAKES FESTIVAL: Email and tell them you want FGC back!

WAKARUSA: Fill out their contact form and/or post in the Concert Hall section of their forums.

HIGH SIERRA: Fill out their contact form and/or post in their forum.




Message board communities are a great way to spread new ideas to like-minded people. Post on these message boards and tell people to check out FGC! - -

Phishhook -

Phantasy Tour - - -


If you're interested in helping out beyond the internet (hanging posters, passing out CDs and flyers, etc), fill out the form below so we can learn more about you. We'll contact you shortly to let you know how you can help FGC in your area.


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Have you seen FGC live before? When/where?
How old are you?
How often do you go see live music?
What are 3 bands you've seen live recently?
What are some of your favorite bands?
Have you done any type of promo work before?
Additional comments?



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