Remember Sue

Horses on the boulevard
weaving through the holes that they mark in the dark can be very hard.

Reach down for a weather vane
can't seem to get out from under all this thunder and the pouring rain.

I can't find the time to remember Sue.

Stone cold when the heart speaks
don't rely on the turnpike it'll take you three weeks.

Eat up crumb by crumb
never seem to get too far though you're always on the run.

I just can't find the time to remember her.

I don't see the need to keep a level head.
Defense sure pays the rent.
Say we won't remember all that's left just yet
Oh, for a moment

Teachers show your patience
living what you learn hope to pass on inspiration.

Torn up by a daydream
rinse away the ache with strong drink and a lovely lady.

I still can't find the time to remember you.