Ready Fire Aim

I ain't slept for days;
thoughts are coming clean.
Not quite sure what pays,
or which things are as good as they seem.

Wanting can be a reflex,
more, more, more - what's it for?
The useless and the foolish,
collect them all to win the game.
Ready, fire, aim.

Sometimes I don't look back;
don't see what's left behind.
Letting words fly 'round the track;
strong legs, but they're running blind.

To walk the higher ground
takes much, much more - what a chore.
I'll just hit and run,
I know they'll all do the same.
Ready, fire, aim.

Don't watch time just roll away,
you've got to seize the day,
I know what they say.
Heard about he who hesitates
I don't want to be late,
or to have lost…

Caught the rally at the station
to check out the latest word.
Folks too tired to listen
from struggling to be heard.

Watch the daily news man,
war, war, war - what's the score?
No need for a solution,
we first must cast the blame.
Ready, fire, aim.