Just Like I Planned

Monday alarm goes off, the rest goes on,
It's dark out it can't be morning it's all a con.
No I'm just not ready, wanna rest my head,
God Damn it's cold out there and warm in my bed.
Man, oh man I fell back asleep how long has it been?
Too long I'm runnin' late here we go again.

And we all know life just won't cooperate.
You're running behind, that's when traffic makes you late.

Downtown find all the action, fashion and glitz,
Not me, no all I find is my uncle Fitz.
Dinner with Unkie Fitz nothin' short of a ball,
Tell me once more just how it is that you know it all.
Oh yeah, you're right I don't know a thing, better clean up my act,
Sure man, sure forgot your wallet? you can pay me back.

And we all know life just won't cooperate.
You give from the heart, they see how much more they can take.

Sittin' on my couch Sunday in the afternoon,
Kickin' back sippin' a beer while Sinatra croons.
Yeah man, yeah I love the part where the horns come in,
And you know I turned it up till the dial said ten.
Too loud the neighbors scream and bang on my walls,
Give me a break can't have it loud, I won't hear it at all.

And we all know life just won't cooperate.
They expect you to see, to tell the truth you can't relate.
But don't let the strain of fleeting factors make you miss
the best part of the song, it's all in where your focus is.