I'd Sing

Hey there won't you take a seat?
I've got some thoughts I'd like to share cautiously.
I feel compelled
to speak my mind when the rest don't dare.

Who am I to be indulged?
Can I make the point in word and, indeed,
it's easy just to be complacent,
but I don't like where that leads.
…like where that leads.

If I saw her dance, I'd sing

Now where was I going with this?
I tend to lose my train of thought sometimes.
Oh you, that's right, that's right, yah, you…
you got real talent and it's terrifying.

Cause now you got one less excuse
to stop the story, stalling its start.
If things are here to become what they are,
nurture dreams and follow your heart.
…follow your heart.

If I saw her dance, I'd sing

So tell me, how will this play out?
You got great time but the order is tall.
Some won't live for fear they'll die,
take the chance, you'll be caught if you fall.

Cause lately it occurs to me,
from time to time we all lose the one.
Realize this and you'll be free
to share your soul before the story is done.
…story is done.

If I saw her dance, I'd sing