Interesting Changes

I've been having a hard time,
trying to find my way.
Finding it means not writing things like that;
everything's a cliché.

Now all I want right now is to share an honest thought;
They tell me make it come from the heart. That scares me cause
if it ain't good enough there's no place for me to hide but,
this is how mine starts.

I want to be proud of the pictures that I've painted;
I keep them locked in a trunk.
How are you supposed to offer a fresh look when it's the same scene,
that's why I write so much junk.

Sometimes it feels like I've found what I'm looking for;
it's not long before that feeling's gone.
What was I thinking? There's nothing new to say about love,
oh, but it hurts to move on.

Where are songs with interesting changes?

I feel like I've been whining a bit too much;
I'm worried you might be rolling your eyes.
Well here's something for you…what'd you think of that?
Just a little surprise.

I wish I hadn't felt compelled to do that;
but I'm determined to be true.
I know this is wandering, I'm trying to keep my focus, won't you
let me know if I'm reaching you.

Where are songs with interesting changes?

Listen now, think of your favorite Dylan song;
don't think twice, it's all right.
Joyce, Poe, Pound, Elliot, Hemingway, Fitzgerald,
oh, the self doubt they invite.

I guess that's a high bar to set for yourself;
too high for me, anyway.
But I'm too stubborn to quit,
besides I just got an idea for the next number one hit, you know
every dog has his day.

Where are songs with interesting changes?