Bird 'n' Diz

1930, Bird and Diz, "big band music – that's where it is"
swinging hard, but soon thought they might have more to say

I've been hearing things inside my head at night
like to see where the thoughts will lead
I don't know where they'll take me, but all I need
is just a little time to see, just a little time, I know it's inside of me

Don't give up the search for the piece that works
look for love in your life
a fresh voice is long lived, like Bird and Diz
virtue's found in the fight – it's life, it's life

Hang at Minton’s trading licks – "fresh harmony, fast tempos at six"
early morning jams with Monk, when Bebop was invented

Now we're making changes like never before
turning heads, confounding ears
cut a record at Savoy, then we'll hit the road
1945, it's clear, 1945, revolution's in the air this year

Now I don't need my mind to keep my eye on the ball
Moose the Mooche has got a grip, but 'long as I got my horn…
"Reach, Bird, reach for us all!"
"Reach, Bird, reach, we'll be there when we hear you call!"