Another Before I Go

I've had enough, and the fresh air's too tough to find
Hold your breath when there's nothing left to try
Interns swoon while scandal looms
and partisan goons put hot air balloons to flight
Ideals on a whim, but before you begin
you're dizzy from the spin, and your hair needs a trim
the star spangled pin and the charming grin's for show
I'll have another before I go

Pop a cork after trading pork for cash
Rue the day, but it's the only way to last
Out think the rest, and they couldn't care less
it's hard to digest, but money's the test to pass
Back room deals grease policy wheels
a good man steals while the sinner kneels
honor yields while the dollar wields control
I'll have another for my brother before I go

Hop the bus, and you never had such a trip
Spin the news till you start to lose your grip
To pull back from the brink, you're in need of strong drink
but did you ever think that you just might sink the ship
The wind's lonely cries, the turbulent tides
with the right kind of eyes, you can see where they rise
did you reach the highs because of what lies below?
I'll have another with your mother before I go