2/17/05, RedEye, Chicago, IL - "In a Jam: Family Groove Company breaks the rules" - The group has a genuine grasp of tight, jazzy groove playing, hard danceable funk, and even a skill for warm pop.

7/15/04, Glide Magazine, "Family Groove Company: LA Heat Hits The Windy City"
- Chicago's Family Groove Company continues to delight its ever-growing, nationwide fan-base with its unique blend of jazzy, tight musical compositions, plush vocal harmonies, and a steadfast allegiance to the groove. They are a collection of musical masterminds, each adding their own distinct contribution to the bandís musical output and groove receptivity. Click here to read entire article.

6/23/04, Jambands.ca: A listen to their newly released CD titled “Reachin” and some live recordings clearly proves the extent of the musical talent within the band. This quartet is very attentive and has found a cohesive groove with one another. A real treat to the ears, and if you’re lucky enough to catch them live, a treat for your feet as well. Click here to read entire article.

2/6/04, Fly Magazine, Harrisburg, PA - "Family Groove Company": Since uniting at Los Angeles' Musicians Institute in 2001, the four members of Family Groove Company have been able to maintain their enthusiasm for the touring life and all of the goodies that come with it. And all of that touring has in turn enabled the FGC to collect a small but zealous following that spans the country, release a largely acclaimed debut album, and land its music on dozens of radio stations. Click here to read entire article.

10/9/03, The Fairfield Mirror, Fairfield, CT - "Getting to know the Groove Company": Family Groove Company doesn't play their instruments-- they are their instruments . . . They're the most talented least recognized band you're not listening to. Click here to read entire article.

9/22/03, The College Reporter, Lancaster, PA - "Janis Wallin '99 to perform at the Blue Star with her band, Family Groove Company": During her sophomore year at F&M, Janis Wallin '99 learned how to play with a little help from her friends on the bass guitar. Now, she is returning to Lancaster as the bass player of an accomplished band, Family Groove Company, for a show at The Blue Star on Tuesday September 30. Click here to read entire article.

8/28/03, Jambands.com, Review of Reachin':
An ever-present Beatles influence collides with the jamband approach . . . Surprisingly charming. Click here to read entire review.

4/25/03, Student Life, St. Louis, MO - "Get your groove on: Family Groove Company heads to St. Louis": Admittedly, the fact that a band has a woman bass player is not enough of a reason to abandon the ship of rationale and love the band. It helps when the rest of the band is as tight as she is, and when the overall effect is one of thumping rhythms and delectable melodic hooks that leap offstage. Click here to read entire article.

4/4/03, Summit Daily News, Dillon, CO - "Family Groove Company infuses the jam with tight songwriting": Family Groove Company is growing up in the brotherhood of jam bands, but it's determined not to follow in the footsteps of mediocre musicians who lose sight of tight songwriting in their quest to explore the groove. Click here to read entire article.

March '03, revolutionslive.com, Review of 3/6/03 performance at Wise Fools Pub in Chicago:
Family Groove Company provided (as their name would suggest) a steady groove to keep your feet movin'. I expect to hear more from these guys soon, as they prove to be capable of bending genres to suit their needs. Be it jazz, funk, jam-rock or a catchy pop song, the Groove Co. has all the bases covered & the heart to keep them moving forward. Click here to read entire review.

February '03, fmSound.net, Review of Reachin':
Reachiní is a CD that I have really enjoyed. These are some very talented musicians that came together to do an attractive 10-track debut. From the opening track of 'Agenda' to the instrumental closer 'The Rattler,' you soon realize that you are about to get on a musical roller coaster that your ears will not want to get off. Click here to read entire review.

10/4/02, Daily Eastern News, Charleston, IL - "Family Groove Company's debut 'Reachin' for the sky": Deftly mixing elements of blues, jazz and rock with intricate arrangements and free-formed improvisational jamming, Chicago-based quartet Family Groove Company shines on its infectious debut 'Reachin.' Click here to read entire review.

10/4/02, Daily Eastern News, Charleston, IL - "Uptowner to host L.A. transplants Family Groove Co.": With a freshly recorded, independently released, debut album 'Reachin,' Los Angeles transplants Family Groove Company will bring its potent mixture of funk, jazz and rock to The Uptowner for the group's first Midwest show since moving eastward. Click here to read entire article.

9/16/02, Splendid Ezine, Review of Reachin': The members of the band are no slouches when it comes to their craft, which probably explains not only the disc's diversity but its smooth professionalism. . . This is studied, concentrated musical theory at work, balanced by some inspired jamming and a true love of what they do, clearly evident throughout Reachin. Click here to read entire review.


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